Francesco Merletti

Broadcast media management,
Data analysis & visualization
Full-stack web development
Javascript, Angular, Node, D3.js

Broadcasting and VOD

I'm passionate about using technology to organize audiovisual content. I like managing metadata and taking on challenges around annotation, preservation, (re)use and delivery. I enjoy working in entertainment as well as in cultural heritage and civil society.

I started as a librarian in the broadcasting of large events and witnessed firsthand the transition from tape to file based workflows. I've used my skills to wrangle metadata and enhance processes while learning about formats, quality control and digital asset management.

I've then expanded into online video delivery and worked on a major UK Video on Demand project coordinating the delivery of video over IP. I learned about streaming technology, adaptive bitrates, platform-independent delivery, content monetization and DRM technology.

Content is at the heart of the modern media industry. I see media management as the cornerstone of production and as one of the pillars in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Get in touch to see how I can help in your project.

Web development

I started teachining myself computer programming when I was 12 years old to make my own games and never stopped learning.

Since 2005 I've worked extensively with the Drupal content management system. I've made customizations for each project and developed unique templates and modules making use of frontend and backend development skills. I've worked within teams doing both development and project management.

In 2013 I shifted to a new web-development paradigm, building and integrating with RESTful APIs and single page applications. I like working with open source technologies and have experience with things such as Javascript, PHP, HTML5 and CSS3, Node.js, Expressjs, Require.js, Grunt, Bower, Yeoman, Backbone, Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap, D3, Nw.js, LAMP and LEMP servers and containers..

I'm also experimenting with web-apps and mobile application development.


Currently based in London, UK.
Available for contract and freelance opportunities.
Get in touch or grab a copy of my Résumé.